English language skills are the foundation for a successful life in Kitchener-Waterloo.

We match volunteer Tutors and Learners together to help Learners improve their conversational English skills for everyday living in Canada.

The Tutor and Learner meet for one to two hours every week for approximately six months at a public place such as a coffee shop, community centre or public library. The goals and conversations are determined by both the Tutor and the Learner.


We train our Tutors both before and during the program.  Our volunteer Tutors come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Learners can ask Tutors questions about living and working in Canada or what to talk about when meeting a child’s teacher, attending a social or community event, or speaking with colleagues at break time, etc.

We provide training and resources to support the Tutor during the process.


Tutoring provides a level of anonymity and personal support in building confidence in your English conversational skills.